The in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) system has a penetration rate of 60% in 2018 in China in lockstep with the development of industrial automation, security monitoring, smart cars, and Internet of Things/ Internet of Vehicles. As IVI system, event data recorders and ADAS systems achieve a greater penetration rate, the automotive storage industry is expected to have greater room for expansion.

Higher environmental tolerance, longer-lasting and stable data retention capabilities, and longer-term service life are the paramount factors for more and more high-standard solution providers when selecting storage solutions.

CFMS2019 | FORESEE汽车存储新品展出Source: Visteon, Essence Securities Research Center


By keeping abreast of industry changes and market demands, FORESEE develops industrial grade/automotive-grade products with high environmental reliability, high data endurance and long service life. It ensures the high reliability of storage devices for the system developers in the high-standard industrial intelligence and automotive intelligent electronics fields.


FORESEE’s three lines of automotive storage products are displayed at CFMS 2019: industrial eMMC, Industrial wide-temperature eMMC, Automotive eMMC.

CFMS2019 | FORESEE汽车存储新品展出


FORESEE’s Industrial  eMMC

CFMS2019 | FORESEE汽车存储新品展出The firmware program is independently developed by FORESEE. With a capacity of 16GB / 32GB / 64GB / 128GB and the operating temperature of -25-85°C, the products have both high performance and stability and excellent environmental reliability. With a designed service life of more than 10 years, it is widely used in such sectors as smart TV, industrial PC, security monitoring, instrument control, and medical applications.


FORESEE’s Industrial wide temperature eMMC

CFMS2019 | FORESEE汽车存储新品展出With a capacity of 8GB/16GB/32GB/64GB and working temperature of -40-85°C, it can be applied to such fields as automotive, industrial automation, safety protection, and IT-based emergency disaster relief.

The management and control of each link of products – ranging from research and development, design, selection of materials, production, testing to quality control – are subject to rigorous industrial standards to ensure the products’ stable performance in harsh environments; the firmware specifically designed for industrial applications enhances the data retention and service life.


FORESEE’s Automotive eMMC

CFMS2019 | FORESEE汽车存储新品展出In compliance with AEC-Q100 Grade 3 standard, the products are available in capacities of 8GB/16GB/32GB/64GB and an operating temperature of -40-85°C. In addition to high reliability and stability for automotive-grade use scenarios, the company offers sound pre-sales technical support service, 3-year warranty and long-term supply guarantee for more than 3 years escort for the continuous safety use by clients.


The most important use scenarios of automotive-grade eMMC products are IVI system, event data recorders, and assisted driving systems, with a market size of US$19.6 billion in 2018. As the penetration rate increases, the industry will see more space for growth. The global market space is expected to reach US$24.2 billion by 2023.

CFMS2019 | FORESEE汽车存储新品展出

Source: Visteon, Essence Securities Research Center

Regardless of the changes of the times, products are always geared to serving the market. Based on its 8-year development in the storage industry, FORESEE has been developing stellar storage products in combination with industry changes and market demands. It can be said that automotive electronics is the fastest-growing field, with more and more rigorous demands for storage.

FORESEE will continue to develop more automotive-grade, industrial-grade products, serve industry customers, and make plans for high-standard industrial markets and automotive electronics markets.