At the recent concluded China Flash Market Summit 2019 (CFMS 2019), Longsys debuted many new products of high-end consumer storage brand Lexar and embedded storage brand FORESEE, creating a superior experience;

Mr. Cai Huabo, Chairman of Longsys, was once again invited to attend and serve as a guest speaker. In the speech entitled “Promising Chip-based Storage”, he talked about the current status of Chinese storage brands and how to break prejudice and achieve all-round development.

Where there is the market, there is development

Looking back at the brands and market share in China’s mobile phone market a decade ago, foreign brands represented by Samsung and NOKIA were dominant, with a comprehensive market share of upwards of 50%, while Chinese brands were nonexistent. By 2019, Chinese brands have a 90% market share, while the share of Samsung and NOKIA has shrunk to merely 1% or so. In a short span of ten years, China’s mobile phone manufacturers have started from scratch and risen rapidly, which shows that “market = development space” and demand leads the market.

China is the world’s largest storage consumption market. The chip import volume has been rising for ten consecutive years. In 2018, China imported 417.57 billion chips, a year-on-year increase of 10.8%. The import value reached US$312.058 billion, a year-on-year increase of 19.8%. But in this huge market, there are fatal problems in our storage products and storage brands: product supply fluctuating in line with the market, brand management and sales of products with a trade mindset, profits before quality, lack of innovation for products, brand logo as a tool of premium, lack of spirit and connotations… Brands are borne inevitably with “congenital defects” in such an environment.


Product is the soul of brand, quality is the lifeblood of brand

In the face of the market conditions and keen competition, enterprises can only survive and thrive through the quality of products. What Longsys is doing and will continue to do in the future is to develop innovative storage products with outstanding performance, providing the quality of products beyond the expectations of users and putting it on a par with international storage brands.

Longsys implements total quality management and carries out consumer, industrial and vehicle-grade management according to three categories of high-end storage, standard storage and flexible storage. A storage industrial park is built in Zhongshan to realize chip-level wafer and post-package modular testing. Lexar high-end storage data center is built. The same capacity cloud storage space is launched simultaneously with Lexar high-end storage products. We create quality factories and software factories, and show the results in product quality.


High-quality new product release, dual brands in the storage market

Lexar and FORESEE brands debuted many high-quality new products, showcasing Longsys’ technical strength and brand spirit for the visitors.

By breaking through the XQD limit, Lexar developed CFexpress independently. It has the same appearance but a read-write speed several times higher and a lower price. Moreover, Lexar PSSD ultra-low power consumption makes it an external storage for Android phones, and can be managed through Lexar APP. The new M.2 PCIe Gen4x4 SSD has a measured read speed of 7.5 GMByte/S, which is higher than the 6.5 GBMbyte/S on the market. It is the fastest consumer-level SSD product among PCIe Gen4x4 released so far.

Lexar Professional M.2 PCIe Gen4x4 SSD

Lexar High-Endurance microSDHC/microSDXC UHS-I Card

Lexar USB 3.2 Portable SSD

Not to be outdone, embedded storage brand FORESEE joined hands with SMI in launching 1TB UFS 3.0, which can operate on mobile phones after rigorous testing. Further, after just one year, vehicle-grade embedded eMMC products are delivered to vehicle front-end installation clients.


FORESEE Automotive eMMC

Mr. Cai said that Longsys defines itself as a storage brand platform, creating stellar products and brands with its craftsmanship. By weathering the fluctuating global market, it continues to enrich the connotations of Lexar high-end consumer storage brand and FORESEE embedded storage brand, providing global clients with high-performance storage innovation products.