Huawei Connect 2019 with the theme of “A New Height for Intelligence” was opened in Shanghai on September 18, 2019. Global ICT industry giants, pioneer companies, technology heavy hitters, and business leaders gathered at the event discussion and exchanges about the present and future.

As a supplier of Huawei, Longsys shared technical achievements and experience in brand operation with industry chain partners, striving to promote the establishment of a harmonious and win-win industrial ecosystem and better cope with the international market changes and the challenges of digital and smart transformation.

Longsys’ high-end consumer storage brand Lexar + debut of built-in storage brand FORESEE’s 20-plus products + patented products + personalized service (Booth No.: Hall2 2-C6)

With the dual-brand development and a focus on the global market, it develops storage consumer applications and industry applications – high performance / large capacity / multi-packaging / high stability. It meets the various storage applications. On-site experience is even better!

Of the many exhibits, Mini SDP (SATA Disk in Package) pioneered by Longsys caught the limelight. Incorporating dozens of patents, the product has the size of a coin (33.4mm x 17.2mm x 1.23mm) thanks to integrated packaging, a significant breakthrough in the traditional manufacturing process and business model of SSD. The product delivery time is shortened to save production cost for the customers and cut inventory risks. At the exhibition, we performed the CKD operation demonstration which attracted many visitors.

FORESEE’s new product 2.5inch SSD S802 in 2019 showed impressive performance. Using eTLC flash memory, this product has high total write capacity for data, with sequential read and write speeds of 550MB/s / 500MB/s and high erase-write numbers. It can meet the needs of long-term continuous photography, and can be applied to DVR, monitoring, data centers, servers, etc. It is a key support product for FORESEE to enter the security and protection market.

According to the new CFexpress 2.0 standards set by the CompactFlash Association, Lexar also launched CFexpress 2.0 Card with Type B interface. The product’s read-write speeds reach 1750 MB/s and 1000MB/s, meeting the needs of professional photographers and photography buffs for high-definition photography.

At the conference, the head of Lexar delivered a speech entitled “Storage Brand, Smart Innovation”, sharing a new perspective on the production quality management of products and the brand growth and operation. The speaker interpreted the current IC industry from an international perspective, and explored how to inject value and vitality into storage brands, seeking long-term development for enterprises and even the entire IC industry chain.

On the third day of the conference (September 20), the head of Longsys’ built-in brand FORESEE also delivered a keynote speech entitled “Longsys’ New Plan for Storage”.

Whether it is geared to businesses or consumers, products and services are always the paramount factors for improving brand competitiveness. Longsys always puts reliable quality first, and is committed to innovative technology and development of high-end products, providing stellar storage solutions and worry-free services for more consumers and businesses worldwide. It enhances product quality and brand value and makes new progress in storage “chip”.