2018’s China’s largest flash summit (CFMS 2018) was grandly opened on September 19th at the InterContinental Shenzhen OCT. Longsys was once again invited to bring the new product lineup to the summit.

Looking back at the 2017 CFMS Summit, Longsys announced that it has completed the acquisition of Lexar, a high-end storage brand with more than 20 years of storage product development and design experience, which has led to positive response in the storage industry. This also marks the official launch of Longsys’ upgrade from a technology-based product company to a technology-based brand company.


Gathering again after a year, Mr. Cai Huabo, Chairman of Longsys Group, was invited as a speaker to share [Longsys Storage Technology and Brand] with the guests, and deeply interpreted the innovation and development, challenges and opportunities of Longsys in the past year. Longsys is aiming at adopting high quality, high performance and innovative services to create a dynamic storage brand.


  • Two major storage brands, comprehensive layout of industry applications
  • 微信截图_20180920171325Longsys now has two major storage brands, Lexar, a storage brand focused on high-end consumer area, and FORESEE, a storage brand that is deeply rooted in the industry application.


    微信截图_20180920171405Lexar is a professional mobile storage brand that focusing on the global market, the company has continued to increase its R&D efforts since its acquisition. In addition to continuing the comprehensive solutions (including 1800X/1000X/633X microSD) that are rare seen from other companies in the mobile storage market, it released the industry’s only 512GB microSD that supports the V30/A2 earlier this year. And at this summit, Lexar brought us the industry’s largest 1TB SD and 1TB microSD products. Meanwhile, combined with the advantages of Longsys’ own technology and services, Lexar will also release a full range of SSD products to expand the brand application field to cover more application needs.



    Deeply cultivating in industry applications, the FORESEE brand currently has three product lines: solid state drive storage, embedded storage and micro storage. Since its founding in 2011, the FORESEE brand has been in the industry for seven years and serves hundreds of industry customers. FORESEE has a high-performance, high-stability, cost-effective storage solution that provides an efficient and comprehensive service system to meet industry-level, vehicle-level, custom-level storage needs and applications in complex scenarios. At the summit, the FORESEE brand made its 1TB product family debut, including the world’s first 1TB PCIe BGA SSD and 1TB eUFS, leading the storage industry into the TB high-capacity era.


  • Complete service system and promote brand operation
  • Longsys adopts an all-round penetration and innovative service model to create its high quality, high performance and consummate service image, and promotes Longsys’ brand transformation.


    DMS(Design、Module、Service)featured service system

    Longsys providing high-end customized services based on customer needs through product development and storage technology IP module. At the same time, Longsys opening cooperation, establishing joint laboratories, sharing resources, and working together with customers.


    Adopt digital operation, create storage genes

    微信截图_20180920171223Longsys using digital business model to establish information integration with suppliers and processing plants through digital information platform; Storage genes improve operational efficiency and reduce operational risks, enabling upstream and downstream partners to track the entire process of storage products from production to delivery, and to achieve an efficient and transparent industrial chain. Thus, Longsys serves the upstream and downstream with high efficiency and high quality.


    Open storage portal, provide relieved service

    微信截图_20180920171244To improve service efficiency, users can scan the QR code on Longsys’ products and obtain storage product information (including logistics, intellectual property, query, upgrade, etc.). At the same time, to ensure product quality, Longsys provides a chip-level unique ID, users can identify the authenticity by scanning the QR code, giving customers more relieved service.

  • Focus on the global market, look forward to the future.
  •  微信截图_20180920171315

    Longsys is headquartered in Shenzhen and is building the Zhongshan Longsys Storage Industrial Park that has a storage software factory, a high-end storage packaging factory and a storage history museum (will open in April 2019). It currently has subsidiaries and offices in 10 cities around the world, including Beijing, Shanghai, Taipei, San Jose, London, and Tokyo.

    微信截图_20180920171345Longsys has been upgraded to keep up with the pace of the times. Through the two major brands of Lexar and FORESEE, the high-end consumer market and industrial application market are fully deployed. Longsys continuously launches high-performance, high-quality storage products and consummate brand services, they help its storage brand to fully upgrade, to have break through innovation, to serve customers around the world, and continue to provide better value to customers.