Longsys S409 Series SSD has three options in capacity, including 120GB, 240GB and 480GB, which can meet a majority of customers’ internal storage demands. With SATAIII (6Gbps) interface and SLC cache, S409 can improve its performance to sequential read speed 538 MB/s and sequential write speed 428 MB/s.


Performance Test of CrystalDiskMark: Longsys 3D TLC SSD S409 Series (240GB)

By remarkable technology improvement of Longsys facilitates, Longsys 3D TLC SSD: S409 Series comprehensive score reached 613 in AS SSD Benchmark performance test.image.png

Longsys SSD Management Tool

Longsys provides customers with longsys SSD Toolbox; it is a customized professional SSD management tool, which enables users to obtain SSD operation conditions at any time. longsys SSD Toolbox can monitor SMART(Self-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology)information in operation process of SSD and users can upgrade it into a newer version by themselves during usage.


Longsys SSD meets the demands of various customers

The Longsys 3D TLC SSD:S409 Series is mainly targeted to consummer market, it launches two forms including Half-slim(MO-297)and 2.5-inch(7mm). Subsequently, M.2 form 3D TLC SSD including two interfaces of SATA and PCIe will also be launched for OEM market.


Advantages of Longsys SSD Products

1.NAND Flash original wafer with quality assurance.

Along with the development of NAND Flash Technology, 2D planar technology grows to the level which is below 14nm, this becomes closer to the limit of physical mass production. The capacity, performance, mass-production yield rate and other indicators currently get stuck in 2D NAND Flash development.


● Reading & writing speed has been increased by about 1.3 times· Improve energy efficiency

● Improve durability, support TLC in multiple durability levels

● Remarkable data integrity –RBER (Raw Bit Error Rate), circulation and retention

In 2016,the Original Flash giants, Samsung, Toshiba, Micron, SK Hynix etc. competitively quickened their paces to put 3D NAND into production. This is because the stereochemical structure of 3D Technology provides more remarkable performance, in addition, along with the increase of stacked layers, it also brings doubled growth of capacity and further reduced costs. This 3D NAND is not only the new milestone for NAND Flash Technology development, but also the catalyst of SSD popularization.

Being different from Micro SD, USB Flash Drive and other traditional storage products, SSD carries  users’ core data and it has relatively high quality requirement. Longsys has devoted itself to storage memory for seventeen years and has consistently kept in-depth cooperation relations with International Flash Factories. The currently launched S409 Series SSD keeps close pace with the development of 3D NAND Technology, applying 3D TLC NAND original wafer and consequently provides more quality assurance as well as stable NAND Flash resources.

2Marvell is equipped with technical advantage for the latest 28nm technique.

Marvell has more than twenty years’ technological accumulation in the field of HDD controller. It not only extends controller technology from HDD to SSD, but also injects more efforts in innovation of SSD controller. It is the first one to support LDPC in SSD Controller and has become a leading role in market share and technology.

Longsys S409 Series SSD, applying Marvell 88NV1120 28nm controller, is cost-effective with low power consumption advantages. Moreover, it uses mature LDPC ECC technology, which is three times of traditional BCH capability. Thus S409 Series SSD life time is greatly reinforced and enjoys three-year warranty service provided by Longsys.


3. Longsys independently develops its own firmware to provide more professional customization service and technological support.

With the business concept of “Investment in Core Technology & expertise, Possession of Intellectual property rights, Apple the most advance fabrication technology, Access to key technical resources and raw materials’’  longsys keeps its Design, Module and Service business mode over the past years and has maintained high-speed development in NAND flash storage research, development and innovation in China.


4. Longsys integrates supply chain resources to provide customers with long-term and stable product supply.

For its innovated storage application technology, differentiated services, legal and credibility-based operation, Longsys has won approval and resources support from Samsung, Micron and other flash factories to guarantee long-term and consistent product supply capability. It strictly observes the standards of flash factories for packaging and testing of flash memory as well as production of solid state disk to ensure high quality and reliability.


With reliance on the various advantages of its products, adhering to its fast, considerate and professional technological service capabilities, Longsys is dedicated to provide customers with more competitive products and value services.