In September 6, 2017, Longsys was invited to participate in the China Flash Market Summit (CFMS 2017), which was hosted by Shenzhen Flashmarket Information Co., Ltd., with the theme of “China Storage • Global Pattern”. The summit was held in InterContinental Hotel Shenzhen. It is noteworthy that there were more than a dozen domestic and foreign important enterprises in storage industry that were invited to give speeches, including Samsung, Intel, Micron, Marvell, Longsys, etc. ChinaFlashMarket also provided industrial data analysis and special reports for the development of the storage industry. As the representative of the local storage leading enterprise, Mr. Cai Huabo, founder of Longsys, was also invited to attend and gave a speech on the theme of “Storage Road of Longsys “.

In the speech, Cai Huabo first introduced us the 18 years development of Longsys since its establishment, Longsys focuses on storage and takes engineers resource as its core competitiveness; Adopting open connection concept, creating a systematic and digital business model to improve efficiency, so that Longsys can maximize profits and minimize losses. At the same time, Mr. Cai briefly introduced five product lines and “differentiated” business model of Longsys: do business that Flash Vendors cannot or unwilling to do. Mr. Cai also stressed in the speech that Longsys continues to deepen the strategic partnership in the industry, it will focus on technology research & development and market application innovation.


“In the past five years of transformation, Longsys has sold more than 1.2 billion products, and in the next five years Longsys will continue to adhere to DMS (Design, Module, Service) business model, strive to transform from technology- products companies to technology – brand companies.” Mr. Cai noted in the speech refer to future positioning of Longsys in the next 5 years.


Longsys also accepted a number of comprehensive and industry professional media interviews at the site. In the interview, Mr. Cai once again reiterated Longsys’ important positioning and pattern in the storage industry. After the acquisition of the world’s leading flash brand Lexar, Longsys broke the position limit in the original industry chain, made formation of closed-loop industry, enhanced the value of storage products and expanded export volume. Lexar will be headquartered in San Jose, USA and operate independently, with Longsys’ core technology and domestic influence, Lexar will adhere to its brand value of high quality and technological innovation. Longsys’ technology will also be closer to consumers through the Lexar brand, providing consumers competitive products rich in competiveness, thereby enhancing product value.


In the interview, many reporters also showed strong interests in Longsys’ newly coming PCIe BGA SSD. Cai Hua Bo said that the development of PCIe BGA SSD not only represents strong technical ability of Longsys, Longsys also find the huge market potential of it. As BGA SSD (11.5 x 13mm) has the same size with UFS using in mobile phone, Longsys is eager to promote BGA SSD into the mobile phone application market. “At present we are able to do PCIe BGA SSD as cheap as SATA SSD, less than six months, we are optimistic to make PCIe BGA SSD and UFS with the same price.” PCIe BGA SSD will become the very competitive product series of Longsys.


In order to let audience better understand the company, Longsys set up booth in CFMS summit site. The booth, respectively, showed important products from the mobile storage, embedded storage, system storage, micro storage and wireless storage line. And Lexar, as Longsys’ brand, has debuted in China flash memory market summit, display its professional, leading high-performance flash memory products. Wesale, a micro automation sales platform that focuses on small and medium customers, providing online platform transactions and one-stop supporting services has also been introduced by Longsys on the summit. Wesale links the storage industry chain services and resources together, so that the supply of resources can directly dock customer transactions. Longsys’ attitude on solving customer service issues reflecting the open cooperation business value of Longsys’ “storage connection, connecting storage.”


Due to Longsys’ outstanding performance of years of business model innovation and product innovation, CFMS awarded “Best Business Innovation Award” to Longsys.