Longsys 3D NAND TLC SSD Leads New Trend

longsys new SSD product S409 Series is the first SSD based on 3D TLC NAND Flash in China and it will be put into mass production in September. It will meet the demands of various consumers (users) and provide better performance experience for its remarkable performance, low power consumption and high reliability.

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How Longsys builds a win-win SSD ecology?

According to the data of Forward indights, market size of global memory chips in 2015 was about USD 80 billion and demand on flash memory chips in China was over USD 10 billion. The data of DRAM eXchange predicts that overall consumption of SSD in 2016 will exceed that of embedded chips for the first time, thus becoming the first big application of NAND FLASH memory.

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Longsys Continues Cultivating Mobile Storage Devices’ End-market

In the past few years, data storage demand has been picking up momentum year by year, especially in mobile smart devices’ storage application segments. According to sources, global storage chips amounted to nearly US$ 80 billion in value. For China alone, its Flash memory demand reached US$ 10 billion, and embedded storage occupied more than 80% of the market demand.
Naturally, China’s largest storage firm, ShenZhen Longsys Electronics Co ., Ltd (aka Longsys) would never miss this enormous opportunity from the mobile smart devices’ storage market. During the recent GSMA Mobile World Congress in Shanghai, Longsys proactively participated and showcased its latest embedded and mobile storage products and technologies. Read More

Leading Chinese storage device maker Longsys taps into IoT market with custom-made solutions

China’s leading memory module maker Shenzhen Longsys Electronics Co. uses its experiences and advantage in the memory industry as well as its keen sense of the market potential to take on the market transformation, as the technology industry moves from the PC era, in which a handful of firms dominated the market, toward integration of industries.

Longsys’ ambition did not go unnoticed during the Computex 2016. Kevin Wang, Longsys’ vice president of sales, led his team during the tradeshow and deepened cooperation with existing clients, as well as opened up business opportunities with customized solutions, in order to expand the company’s presence into the promising Internet of Things (IoT) and VR/AR.

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Longsys SSD/eMMC Attract Great Attention in IDF 2016

On April 13 and 14, the global technology summit,2016 Intel Developer Forum (Intel Developer Forum, the IDF) was hold in Shenzhen Sheraton Hotel. As Intel China close technology partner, longsys attended this grand meeting with the latest FORESEE SSD and eMMC products , showing the experts from all over the world and technology leaders longsys new storage solutions. Read More

Why longsys and Marvell SSD strategically cooperate with each other?

In the era of big data, individuals, enterprises, internet and countries have increasing demand on data storage. Market size of global memory chips is about USD 80 billion and demand on flash memory chips in China is over USD 10 billion. SSD is going through rapid growth at an alarming rate. Moreover, the intention of mergers and acquisitions, investment and cooperation in storage business recently is to exploit huge potentialities of SSD in the field of big data storage.

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Digitimes Interviews Longsys: Opportunities and Challenges in Storage


Longsys, a mainland NAND Flash solution provider, put a bet on the embedded Multimedia Card (eMMC) by cooperating with its partner Samsung Electronics in smart phones and consumer applications. Today, Longsys invests in SSD by seeking commercial opportunities from the mainland market to the globe, showing their strong confidence in the IoT and industrial storage markets.

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